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Exploring, evaluating, and strengthening new approaches to preventing child sexual abuse through the criminal justice system


Civil rights are under attack at levels we have not witnessed in recent times. We use the courts to fight back. We mobilize, advocate, and litigate against the inequities facing marginalized communities – particularly women and girls. We address discrimination, advance the law, and take defensive action when necessary to safeguard hard fought – and harder won – civil rights gains. Stand with us as we defend civil rights and democratic ideals.

Empower women economically and socially through a combination of microfinance and skills training

Our vision of this program is to make poverty history by reaching out to underserved communities through microcredit. We are striving to do this through a network of committed impact partners and Change makers, by offering microcredit that has a positive impact on business, education, health and environment of the communities we work with.

We create a venture capital fund for the poor, supported by a global community of philanthropists willing to take a bet on a new approach. This program loans money to a micro-entrepreneur and its approach is to invest together in long-term change. Partners include individuals and institutions who believe there’s a better way and are working together to challenge the status quo.
The way this program works:
  1. Choose Someone: a farmer, a weaver, a tailor, a student, a dairy farmer, a family living without electricity, a woman trying to get on her feet. Individuals apply for your help and receive loans.
  2. Donate for their growth, help her stand on her own feet. Create a lasting impact by supporting her loan request in part or full.
  3. Collect or re-allocate once your contribution returns after making a difference and continue the good work.

Supporting and engaging women and children in trauma informed peer support and connecting them to useful resources.

Connecting the abused with professional help and ensuring that they are physically safe, emotionally stable and mentally well by guiding them and ensuring they receive medical attention and other victim/survivor support.
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