Congratulations to Our Media Graduates!

Congratulations to Our Media Graduates! 

Congratulations to the first cohort of young females who received a certificate for media training! WiLI in partnership with J16 sponsoring some incredibly ambitious young girls for media skills training so they can come off as confident, comfortable, and relaxed in media interviews, public speaking and crisis communication. Skills that will keep them well equipped to face the challenging economy and society!


The program was delivered by Rejoice Shammah. The objectives were as follows: 

  • To provide Media Training for young women approaching the Media Advertising profession..
  • To train students who would like to improve their current employment while others would be trained to be ‘employable’ to make these young women more employable. 
  • To contribute to the Ecosystem by providing a constant flow of trainees/students who are well-trained with hands-on practical experience.

The program supports the participants not only with the skills but also a strong network that can create employment opportunities for youth to build the digital skills needed for the evolving digital economy.

It is expected that the opportunities are grounded in experiences that will prepare these young women to adapt to the major changes projected in tomorrow’s workplace, including emerging areas where the jobs may not yet exist such as those related to cybersecurity, the automation of knowledge tasks, big data, and artificial intelligence, among others.

The program is still an evolving initiative. WiLI contributes to the programming by supporting youth who are more or less job-ready but who may require some experience which will be made possible through skill development to enter and succeed in the labour market.


The young women were selected because they are ambitious, driven women, who are already taking initiative to develop some tough social issues.

They were excited throughout the one month intensive program, connected with fellow media enthusiasts and dreamed about the future. The following is a testimonial of one of the graduates, Ruth Ki: 

“Yesterday I graduated from J16 Media Academy after an intensed learning for one Month.

The journey has been a great because I was privileged to meet amazing women whom I am certain that the relationship built will yield amazing results.

Thank to the director of J16 Media Academy Rejoice Shammah after this training I’m feeling like a presenter already.

If you hear me speak on a normal day like I’m hosting a radio show, don’t blame me o.. I don learn am.

Thanks to big sis Maryam Baba Mohammed of #WILIAFRICA for sponsoring me to attend this great Academy…. Trust me your investment on me is not a waste.

You can now call Ruth Ki the #MediaGirl


WiLI is happy to have supported these incredible women and hopes to sponsor more young women, train them in multimedia journalism so they can tell their own stories and those of their communities. As well as give them practical tools, to convert their talents and passions into confidence and skills to progress in further education, employment and give a voice to the communities they live in!