The Power of Sensitization

WiLI Africa is constantly involved in programming. We love to be proactive and believe that parents need to find that balance of communicating with their children, while giving them space to find their own feet.


Should we talk, shouldn’t we, on unpleasant yet important subjects to our children? What is the right age to speak about the dangers of child trafficking, sexual abuse or sexual exploration and on other sensitive subjects? Would it lead to fear of the unknown or worse a fear psychosis? What if I too as an adult, am not comfortable dealing with the subject? All the above and more often work in our subconscious when it comes to communicating with our children on topics that are delicate or unhappy.

WiLI Africa provides a space where trained facilitators conduct child abuse sensitization programs. The objective is to sensitize the prime persons in a child’s life: parents, teachers and peers, who can bring a definite change in the intervention by reporting it early.

Child abuse is considered to be a universal problem and an epidemic in Nigeria. It has lifelong significant impacts nearly in all aspects of life. All victims need therapy and early intervention to prevent later symptomatology.

Children tend to face psychological, behavioral and social difficulties. This being the case, are all parents well-tuned to the happenings around the world? Do they live with the mindset that such things don’t happen to me or us and believe that this “ostrich-like” attitude is sufficient to protect their child from any misadventure

Will too much knowledge too soon lead to anxiety and fear psychosis?


These programs are early interventions and it’s based on the notion of protect, suspect, inspect, collect and respect.

The hope is to eliminate the taboo and keep communication channels open so that the vulnerable (children) can have a voice. Is this something you would be interested in supporting? Please donate today to support Child Sensitization Programs and similar projects.

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